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December 3, 2012
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)

       The year was 2012 and you had made a contract with a demon.  His name is Sebastian and he is now your butler. He had just gotten done with making tea for you and set it in front of you. "This is an oolong Darjeeling tea with a hint of honey for sweetness; I hope its to your liking Mistress" he told you as he set the cup and saucer down in front of you.
       "Darn it Sebastian; I thought I asked you to call me something other then mistress" you told him with a sigh.
       "My apologies my lady" he said with a slight bow. You took a sip of tea and sighed contentedly at the taste. "This is wonderful tea Sebastian you certainly do have wonderful skills" you praised him.
       "I am just on hell of a butler my lady" You took another sip of tea and under your breath you say "makes me wonder how good you are in bed"
       "Would you like to find out my lady?" he asked you a smirk on his face. You nearly did a spit take with your tea. You didn't expect him to hear let alone answer you.
       "Are you offering you services in that area?" you asked him. A smirk spread across your face as you rested your chin in your hand.
       "Since you were wondering I thought I would offer; my apologies if I was to forward my lady" he apologized.
       "No, on the contrary; I was about to take you up on that offer" you put your tea cup down on the saucer and stood. "Come Sebastian; to my room" you walked down the hall to the stairs, up the stairs and down another hallway. You opened the door to your room and walked in letting Sebastian close the door behind him. You sat on your bed and watched as he locked your door.
       "It would be unwise for us to be disturbed by the others on staff, they could spread rumors and tarnish your reputation" he said turning back around facing you. His eyes had turned from the beautiful red to a sparkling purple. It made him look even more handsome then you thought previously.
       "If I may say Sebastian; when your eyes change they make you even more of a challenge to read. You always have a stoic look that I can't seem to crack. So with that I want you to show some kind of emotion while we are in my room" you looked at him with your (E/C) orbs as he advanced on you.
       "Is that an order my lady?" he asked as he reached up and took off his tail coat. He laid it on the storage bench at the end of your bed. Your heart began to beat faster as he reached up and loosened his tie. He unbuttoned his white shirt and waist coat also putting them on the storage bench. You stared at his muscular physique as you nodded. "Would you like to disrobe yourself or would you like me to do it my lady?" he asked you as you stared. You blinked a few times and gathered your thoughts.
       "Sebastian while you are showing me your skills please call me by my first name, (F/N) please, that is also an order"
       "Of course (F/N); now would you like me disrobe you?" he asked again. You nodded and stood wanting to experience all his skills. He came up to you and with gloved hands he pulled up your (F/C) shirt. Complying to his motions you lifted your arms so he could fully remove it. He stepped closer and rested his gloved hands on your hips. You put a hand on his chest.
       "Ah ah, no gloves" you tell him. He nodded and brought a hand to his mouth taking the tip of the middle finger in his teeth he slowly slid his hand out. Revealing the contract mark that was on the back of his hand. He did the same with the other glove and tossed them to land on his other clothing.
       He put his hands back on your hips and slowly slid them up. He moved his hands to your back as he got higher on your torso. He reached and unclasped your (F/C) bra. He reached up and slid the straps down your shoulders causing the clothing to fall to the floor.
       You were used to Sebastian seeing at least your top half naked; you asked him for help getting dressed sometimes it was just a pain in the butt to hook a bra with out seeing what you were doing. However you weren't expecting what came next. He trialed his hands down your arm the slid them back up your sides until they rested on your breasts. He got even closer and started to kiss your neck. He trailed kisses down your neck and to one of your breast then covered it with his mouth. He swirled his tongue over your hardened nipple as he massaged the other.
       He gently pushed you back letting you sit on your bed you scooted back on your bed so you could lay back. He moved over you and put his mouth on your other breast. You moaned lightly at the teasing he was giving you. Soon his other hand trailed down your body to the waist of your jeans. He unbuttoned and unzipped them then slid his hand into your (F/C) panties. His index finger rubbed your clit in circles. You let out a moan and bit your lower lip. You bucked your hips slightly and started to pant. Your hand gripped the blanket beneath you as you were about to climax.
       He removed his hand and slid both into the waist of both your jeans and panties. He pulled them down and off of you in one motion. You blushed when you heard another zipper and a flourish of the rest of his clothing was thrown and landed with the rest.
       "Ready (F/N)?" he asked his voice husky and eyes glowed the vibrant purple. You nodded your face slightly flushed. He thrust into you. You yelped in pain as he tore your walls. He leaned down to your neck and kissed you trying to help relieve the pain. It took a few moments for it to go away; you moved experimentally and moaned lightly.
       "Se-Sebastian; move" you told him and he did what he was told. His thrusting was slow at first; then his thrusting changed. With the third thrust he hit your g-spot making you cry out. He thrust the same way hitting the mark each time. It wasn't long until you found the knot in your stomach start to grow. It grew and tightened with his continued thrust. Your chest was heaving. It took a few thrust later you climaxed. Your walls tightened around him as you let out a loud moan.
       He gently removed himself from you and started to get dressed. You just laid on the bed catching your breath. "you really are one hell of a butler" you told him between breaths.
       "And one hell of a lover" he told you with a smirk.
it was taken down but i don't care I'm putting it back up maybe if i change the setting it will stay up.
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