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January 23, 2013
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       You watched through a small gap between the door as Sebastian bowed to your mother and father. He straitened up and turned towards the door. You quickly moved hoping he didn't see you but knowing him he did. You tried not to giggle as you heard his footsteps come towards the door. Smooshing your hands over your mouth you tried to smother your giggles. But they escaped to no avail. You ran down the hallway in your nightgown. Both you and Sebastian knew you should be in bed but you couldn't sleep with out hearing one of his stories.
       “My eyes must have tricked me,” he said as he shut the door to your parents lounge, “I thought I saw the Young Miss peaking in through the door when she should be in bed” he stood in front of the door then turned down the hallway the direction you had ran. Again you tried to stifle your giggles but the thrill of him catching you made you forget to cover your mouth. “The estate must be haunted, now I’m hearing giggles that sound like the Young Miss when I know she is in bed” this caused you to giggle even more. You heard Sebastian walk down the hall stopping short of where you were hidden. “Perhaps the ghost wants something to drink before she returns to where she came?” Sebastian asked. Calming down some you made your voice sound as ghostly as you could.
       “This ghost wants a bedtime story and a drink of water”  you replied fluctuating the pitch of your voice so it would waver like you've heard many people do to try and scare you. Sebastian smiled fondly at your attempt to sound scary.
       “Now if the ghost would please return to her room I will be there presently with her drink and story” Sebastian said, you giggled in response. He walked by where you were hiding and glanced at you. Your (H/L) (H/C) hair was out of its normal trappings hanging limply down; some what crinkled in spots. The curls slowly going limp. You watched as Sebastian passed your hiding place. Waiting for a few moments you ran to you room and jumped onto your four poster bed. Soon as you expected a light knock sounded from your open door.
       “Come in” you said with a wide grin. You tried to hide it. Sebastian walking in holding a small try with a glass of cold water. He took the tray and set it next to your bed.
       “Young Miss your not going to believe it but there is a ghost that resides here that sounds just like you” Sebastian said with a smirk. You couldn't hold back your giggling any longer. You let loose with a fit of laughter.
       “it wasn't a ghost it was me” you told him while laughing. Sebastian smirked again already know it was you.
       “You were quite compelling in your portrayal of a ghost Young Miss. Quite believable.” he told you as your laughter died down. He waited a few more moments for you to catch your breath. You reached over for the glass of water and took a long drink. You placed the cup back and got comfortable he smiled as he watched you pull your blankets up tucking your self in.
       “Comfortable Young Miss?” he asked you as you snuggled even more under the blankets. You looked at him with a slight puzzled look.
       “Do you know where (name of favorite stuffed animal) is? I cant seem to get comfortable with out him.” you asked him. He looked around your room quickly spotting the stuffed animal in the corner sitting at your small table. Sebastian walked over and swiftly returned him to your grasp.
       “It seems that (stuffed animal name) was still attending your tea party from earlier today I took the liberty of escorting him back to you” Sebastian said with a slight bow.
       “Thank you Sebastian. I’m ready for the story now” you tell him putting your stuffed animal under your blanket with you.
       “Of course Young Miss,” Sebastian paused before starting the story, “once upon a time there was a beautiful princes her kingdom loved her and all her servants loved to serve her.
       She was always polite to her servants. It was the morning of the princesses 18th birthday her parents arranged a ball for her to chose a man from the kingdom to become her husband.
       Little did the princess know but her most loyal servant was very much in lover with her. He was a few years older then the princess but served only her. He waited for her maid hands to finish helping her get ready so he could escort her to her ball. The door opened to her room; her maid hands done.
       He took a few steps into her room. Hearing the steps the princess looked and smiled seeing it was him. “how do I look?” she asked him.
       “Like a princess” he told her; she smiled. The servant walked to her and presented his arm for her to take. She did so and he lead her out of her room down a large flight of stairs and to the ball room.
       Once there another servant announced she had arrived. She curtsied so the group then began to walk amongst her guest speaking welcome and thanks for their attendance. Soon the music started. The princess took her spot next to the queen and the cue to start dancing sounded.
       The dance started with the women facing away from their partners. They turn to see their partner dance and then the men go around in a circle to the next waiting lady. The princess danced with a few men all being much older then her. She knew who she wanted to take as her husband but her mother and father would not agree. Soon she turned and found that her new dance partner had a mask on decorated simply with a red vine design that went around the eyes. The dancer bowed then gently took the princes in his arms he spun her around then spun her in to an embrace.
       Shortly the song was over and the guest were ushered to leave. Before the princes retired to sleep she looked into the ball room remembering her masked stranger. Seeing something on the floor she rushed to pick up the object. It was the mask the stranger wore.
       She looked at the mask and began to twirl in her dress humming the song from the party. The servant came to see what was taking her and saw that she was twirling on her own so while she was not paying attention he came in and took her hand in his and danced with her.
       After a few moment they stopped. The servant then walked with the princess to her room and bid her good night” Sebastian paused to see if you were asleep. Seeing your eyes closed he was satisfied that you had finally fallen to sleep so he gently took the tray out from under the glass of water and was about to leave.
       “Dose she find out its him?” you asked without opening your eyes. You were nearly asleep but you wanted to find out how it ended. Sebastian looked at you and gently sat on your bed.
       “Would you like to find out?” he asked with a whisper. You nodded sleepily. “Alright, the next morning the princess woke on her bed side table there was a small piece of paper on it was written a note 'meet me in the ball room tonight at 7:30 I’ll reveal who I am' the princess saw that the mask was gone. She was excited to meet him that night so she took all day getting ready.
       When the time came she rushed to the ball room and stood in the middle. She was about to go thinking that the note had been faked. She turned towards the door way and saw him standing there. Wordlessly he went to her and spun her around the same way he did the night before. Then gently he took his mask off revealing that is was her servant.
       “I don't understand why did you hide away from me?” she asked him. The servant looked away.
       “If your parents saw us they would have thrown me out of the kingdom. I didn't want to risk not being able to see you every day.” he told her. She smiled sweetly at him.
       “Come with me to see my mother and father” she grabbed his hand and lead the way to her parents. She walked in with him. “Mother, father I know who I want to take as my husband” she told them. Both her parents looked at her waiting for her answer. “its him, my masked stranger” the looked at each other for a short time then nodded in agreement. Secretly the princess loved her servant as much as he loved her. It took some time to arrange the marriage. The day they got married was the day of her parents own anniversary.” Sebastian finished.
       He looked at you and saw that you had fallen asleep with a smile on your face. Using a gloved hand he brushed some hair out of your face. “Sweet dreams Young Miss” he picked up the tray again and left your room shutting the door quietly
i have found a lot of reader x Sebastian lemons (not that i don't like them) but nothing fluffy or cute so i decided to write this.
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